The CalBox Group


Whatever you can imagine,
      when packaging matters,
Arizona Corrugated
      can find the solution.


ACC Products

ACC Printing & Die Cutting


  • POP Displays, floor & shelf
  • Stock Boxes
  • Custom Boxes, all sizes materials and styles
  • Boxes, all sizes – glued, taped or stitched
  • Auto lock bottom or snap lock boxes
  • Mailers of all types
  • Foam & Crate Fabrication
  • Partitions, Pads, Inner Packaging Forms
  • Tubes, Bins, Trays, Storage Files, Folders, and Mailers
  • Fulfillment (Assembly)
  • Essential Packaging Supplies
  • Printing – up to 5-colors
  • Laser made printing and cutting dies
  • Print Registration ± 1/32 inch
  • Fingerprint all presses to determine print capability
  • Maintain print consistency, crucial to brand integrity
  • Printing with no crush flutes using vacuum transfer and computerized caliper settings
  • Digital Printing
  • Expert trapping, screening, and plate proofing
  • Soy or water based GCMI and PMS flexo inks mixed in house, in our ink kitchens
  • Durable high gloss coatings
  • Full or spot litho laminated boxes & displays
  • Sales/Service Agents for quick assistance and quotes
  • High end graphic design
  • Customized structural in-house design solutions
  • Unboxing videos for displays
  • Easy to communicate
  • Assembly Consultant
  • R&A (returns and allowances) less than 1/4 of 1%
  • Benchmark service expertise
  • Own fleet of trucks for Reliable On Time Logistics
  • Quality Certified (ISO) 9001 and AIB
  • Three warehouses in Mexico


In-House Corrugators

Cal Box Group

Our Customer Care portal is your on-line dashboard:
  • Status of A/R Aging
  • Track order status 24/7
  • Real time delivery tracking
  • Bar code inventory & History
  • Monthly usage reports
  • Two state-of-the-art corrugators provide more control of quality production and lowers the cost of containerboard used to make boxes
  • Strategically located corrugators – one in Southern California and one in Arizona – we can create and deliver flat quality corrugated sheets in less than one day
  • All dimensional influences are computer controlled, from scheduling to materials, tooling, labor, adhesive, machinery, operations, and logistics
  • Roll stock purchased from top global paper mills, reduces quality and cost pressures
  • In business since 1978
  • ISO 9001-2018 Certified evidence of our high quality standards and corrective action
  • Employing over 400 people
  • Five box plants in the Southwest positioned along the U.S./Mexican border
  • CalBox Group owns over 700,000 sq.ft. of modern buildings and warehouses
  • Each facility is supported by the latest technology and advanced equipment
  • Specializing in short and medium sized orders. An average order is 1,100 boxes (10,000 sq.ft.) with $200 minimum. Free local delivery included
  CalBox Group
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